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Talents Demands

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    If you are skillful enough or you have a professional skill, you can stand on the stage provided by VeryLong to show your skills.

    VeryLong takes talents as the company's most valuable resource. Strong and team spirit of cooperation make our staff happy at work, but also be successful in career.

    If you have these talents as follows,

    l A good education background, knowledge structure, the good thinking ability, communication ability, learning ability, team cooperation, execution, with good quality, and comprehensive talents;

    l Have an ability to lead a department or a central comprehensive management work; continue to set challenging goals, continuously pursue higher achievements; create a new situation of the management personnel.

    l  Have the initiative attitude toward work and can bear hardships and stand hard work; be a right-hand role to coordinate and finish the work arranged by department manager.

    l Lead the team to move forward, digging the customer resources and strive to be sales network marketing expert;

    l For the company Development, like digging treasures, to find all kinds of talents, excellent and skillful.

    l As administrative personnel, be thoughtful and can offer high quality service for the company.

    l Willing to offer VeryLong and its customers the management knowledge and experience of senior consultant.

    l AS the brand planner and marketing planner, put the interests of VeryLong and its customers on the first place

    l Help others achieve their dreams and achieve his own dream at the same time..

    Welcome to join us!

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