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Employment Philosophy

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    VeryLong’s employment philosophy is "dream, fairness, sharing".  The company makes efforts to every employee to build a platform to achieve your dreams, and to establish a fair mechanism for all employees to get into full play, so that all strivers can share results of the company.   

    “To be a fighter.” is a core of VeryLong’s employment philosophy.  

    Company always treats talents as the enterprise's most valuable resource.
    There are broad platforms that we create numerous achievements, keep the leading direction and constantly transcend ourselves;

    There are excellent cultures that we advocate dream good, fair and sharing. 

    There is a power of the young that we have a dream and drive and struggle to make our life colorful.

    The five qualities of mid-level managers must have in VeryLong:

    The intellectual quality of diversification;

    The intellectual quality of creative thinking;

    The character quality of being unconditional to complete the task;

    The quality of strong dedication consciousness of work;

    The quality of the ability of fusion of different


    People who have this five qualities, is the enterprise's general and pillar. Knowledge is their foundation; intelligence is their capital; character is their soul; enlightenment is their spirit and cooperation is a key to make the team work efficiently. They are the man of China's market economy.



    The compensation system based on the salary and bonuses, and makes insurance and fund as the security, benefits and allowances as the supplementary.
    Good personal career planning guidance and perfect training system.
    Enjoy statutory holidays and flexible holiday system.   

    Gifts and consolation money of important festival.
    Annual tourism and other recreational activities.    
    External promotion and internal training.  

    Relaxed office environment and unique culture.

    Other awards such as filial piety, parental leave, children education fund and so on.  

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