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Trenchless pipe monitor repair research and development promotion base located in VeryLong

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With science and technology innovation as the leader, Shanghai VeryLong Group has the domestic first-class senior experts’ team and R&D team. At the same time, it makes cooperation with Tongji University, Shanghai University, Shanghai Municipal Design Institute, Shanghai Municipal Investment Group, and Shanghai Construction Group, and has achieved a lot of achievements.

For the needs of the construction, detection and maintenance to the project of water diversion, water delivery, water drainage, water storage ,VeryLong Group made cooperation with Germany, Japan and other well-known enterprises in trenchless construction, detection, and maintenance. At the same time, it stuck to independent innovation, and then the new technology of pre-detection, pre-repair, water detection and water restoration was invented. The new technology was successfully applied in Beijing, Shanghai and other places.

In August, 2016, Shanghai Urban Drainage System Engineering Technology Research Center which owned by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co.Ltd made a decision: Trenchless pipe monitor repair research and development promotion base will be located in VeryLong, which indicates that this new technology has a solid foundation in the application of the market and has entered a new stage of development.

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