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Major good news Shanghai residents no longer have to worry about the winter without water pipe burst

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Last winter and spring, the incoming cold weather made residential water pipe and water meter frozen. This explosion incident has aroused great attention from the municipal government, Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Water Authority and other competent authorities. The government organized design institutions, research institutions and other business units to conduct special research, data collection, technology research and standards setting. VeryLong company was also involved in this establishment of standards. Cold insulation protective kits and other products of independent, invented and innovated by VeryLong, are widely used in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other areas which pass the test of cold wave, received high praises and been fully affirmed from all sectors of society . Some users went to VeryLong Company to present silk banners. VeryLong’s cold insulation protective sleeve series can be used when the outdoor temperature is minus 10 degrees, and can effectively resist extremely low temperatures under the condition of 50-year Shanghai, can be customized according with the requirements of design and individuation personalize , and are ideal products for two secondary water supply facilities reconstruction of new residential indoor external pipes, fittings, valves, water meter boxes, water tanks (tank) and other components of the insulation and protection. These products pass the comprehensive tests from Shanghai and relevant national authorities, and obtained the relevant certificates.

July 7, 2016, the Shanghai secondary water supply facilities renovation resident residential joint meeting organized by the Office of the secondary water supply facilities renovation project technical standards frost insulation Details Publicizing successfully convened. Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Wei Planning Commission, City Water, Water Supply Management Office, Office of the Co-secondary water supply district, Shanghai SMI Raw Water Company, the water supply branch, Pudong Veolia Water Corporation, Pudong Architectural Design and Research Institute, VeryLong leadership and managing personnel attended the meeting. It was announced: 1, 2016 Reconstruction of secondary water supply facilities in the full implementation of rooftop water tanks (tank) transformation Assembled polyethylene liner. 2, open-air, building water supply facilities and water meter valve protection cold insulation, adopted and introduced a standard protective sleeve and construction specifications, implementation details. At the meeting, introduced and demonstrated samples of VeryLong, the company offers the latest cold insulation products protective sleeve, exposed pipes outside the cell will wear these "coat", people in Shanghai will get rid of the pipes burst or water-break, snow and enjoy a better life without any water problems in winter.

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