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VeryLong Group is a new high-tech enterprise that provides municipal pipeline project with the systematic and all-round quality service, including a whole process from pre-planning, product design, construction installation, product supply to the later operation and maintenance.

VeryLong Group was founded in 2001. Since 2001, it practiced the philosophy of “concept innovation promoting product innovation” and “service without limit and win-win cooperation”. With high quality products and comprehensive services, it enters the south and the north market of China. Contracting and participating Water supply and drainage pipe material supply and construction of some national projects, such as the Birds Nest –the Olympic stadium, Beijing Olympic special plane building at airport, Kunming World Expo Park etc.

In 2010, in order to adapt the new environment of Shanghai municipal construction and economic construction, the company put the main energy into the Shanghai market. With the new investment idea and the management idea, it used the form of investment and equity participation, and established a number of professional manufacturers of plastic pipe and steel tube concrete pipe, glass pipe and other new environmental protection pipe production base, Steel cylinder concrete pipe, FRP pipes and other new environmental protection pipe production base in Shanghai and some cities around Shanghai, such as Zhangjiagang, Jiangyin and Wuxi in Jiangsu province. These production bases can produce a variety of specifications, different uses of plastic pipe, cylinder concrete pipe and the glass steel grit filled pipe. "VeryLong" pipeline products have complete specifications and many varieties. Company's products are mainly engaged in polyethylene (PE) pipes for water supply, PESI, polyethylene plastic composite pipe with steel wire mesh, steel skeleton polyethylene plastic composite pipe, high impact resistance (PVC-M) pipes for water supply, HDPE polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe, UPVC double wall corrugated pipe, reinforced UPVC pipes, HDPE steel strip reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe, High density polyethylene winding structure wall pipe, Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene moulded drainage pipe, HDPE buried spiral steel plastic composite pipe, HDPE double wall steel plastic drainage pipe, GRP sandy pipe, Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride protective sleeve for buried power cable, Low voltage plastic tube for street lamp, Glass fiber reinforced plastic power protection tube, LDPE sprinkler pipe, PVC-U sprinkler pipe and other kinds of matched pipe fittings. Products are widely used in municipal water supply and drainage and building water supply and drainage; Gas transmission; power, chemical industry, oil field, thermoelectric engineering, mine, spinning, port, printing and dyeing, Papermaking, Water transport at sea, sea water desalination, and Irrigation of farmland and garden etc.

The main characteristic of VeryLong is the first one who created "one-stop business, integrative services” management mode in domestic with its own advantages and unique innovative ideas. In the project phase, it provides the project planning, investment consulting, pipeline layout and other services for the customers (for customers’ intentions); during the design phase, it provides design recommendation, technical issues solving, program optimization service (Let customer satisfactory); in the selection phase, it provides pipe materials, selection scheme, pipeline Inspection, product customization, accessory matching, product integration (Let customers feel at ease); in construction period, it provides the highest standards of professional construction and installation of the industry (put customers at ease); after the completion of the project, it provides wiring drawings and long-term maintenance services for customers ( Let customers peace of mind). It can truly shorten the project cycle, reduce the cost of the project, and Let engineering project design and construction can be scientific, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency. Finally, achieve the goal of win-win with customers.

In order to implement the above work, Under VeryLong Group there are 3 companies, they are Shanghai VeryLong Electric Co. Ltd, Shanghai VeryLong Pipe Engineering and Technology Consulting Co. Ltd and Shanghai VeryLong Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. The company has a professional technical center. It enlisted the first-class team of experts and senior technical team from home and abroad. It also has the production-education-research cooperation with Shanghai University, Tongji University and other Universities and gets a number of inventions and utility patents. Some innovative products and innovative technologies such as PCCP, JPCCP and the new transplanted type connection technology passed the national and provincial quality inspection and identification and obtained the product application promotion certification.

At the same time, aiming at the new trends of competition and merger in the development of international and domestic economy, VeryLong first carry out “platform strategy”, with VeryLong Group, VeryLong brand as a platform, it cooperate with a number of substantial and characteristic pipe enterprise to achieve resource sharing, joint development and cooperative management. This greatly reduced the cost of sales and increased equipment capacity utilization, and it also improved the market adaptability and competitiveness.

As a new force in China's pipeline industry, VeryLong enjoyed a high reputation in the pipeline industry by virtue of its own advantages, unique business philosophy and operating advantages. And it became one of the largest enterprises contracting and participating in domestic large-scale brand projects. Since 2010, it has contracted and participated in the major large-scale brand projects in Shanghai area. Mainly include: Shanghai international tourism resort (Disney) water supply and drainage project, Shanghai Center Mansion drainage project, water supply and drainage engineering of China commercial aircraft final assembly base, water supply and drainage engineering of Hongqiao Shanghai comprehensive transportation junction, Shanghai old port solid waste comprehensive utilization base leakage liquid discharge pipeline project, water supply and drainage engineering of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Baosteel area expansion circle around project, water supply and drainage engineering of the China and French Pavilion at the expo etc.

VeryLong Group always adhere to the "honesty, quality first" purpose, transcending the limitation of "business is business", adhering to the "not only product but work, not only production but innovation, not only sale but service" business philosophy, and realized the growth and transcendence over and over again. VeryLong Group will continue to adhere to the road of independent innovation, technological leadership, platform management, and cooperative development, practice the strategy of the double win, pursue of perfection and the concept innovation, product innovation, service innovation, constantly exceed customer expectations, to achieve the company's long-term strategic objectives and social value.

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