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Plastic manholes


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Plastic inspection wells commonly known as "manhole", generally located at the junction of drains, bend, diameter or slope change at every drop of water and at a distance from the straight pipe is to facilitate regular inspection, cleaning and dredge drainage pipes ancillary structures. Manhole with plastic polymer resin as the raw material, the use of composite structure, usually by the base well, well
Product Details
product manual
Polyethylene (PE) is a water supply polyethylene resin as the main raw material, extrusion of polyethylene pipe for water supply. This pipe has a variety of construction techniques, in addition to the traditional excavation for construction, but also can use a variety of trenchless techniques such as directional drilling, liner, crack pipes, pipe jacking, etc. for the construction, which allowed for some excavation place, is the only option.
product advantages
▼ with independent intellectual property rights, from Europe, with the international technical standard, European standard, one of the drafters Mr. Israel MIKI as perennial technical guidance.
▼ carefully selected raw materials, strictly control the new special grades of HDPE imported raw materials to ensure product quality.
▼ integrally forming a special process so that the wall thickness is much greater than conventional plastic manholes. Connected by plug-type connection, using double-socket-type structure, ensure the connection with the manifold flexibility and strength.
▼ stocky wall thickness to ensure the strength, toughness and bearing capacity products can be depth to 9 meters, with 20 tons of vibration roller repeated rolling at 20 cm distance from the wellhead, and wellbore wells seat has not been the slightest impact.
▼ wellbore and well base "foreign socket" structure, with my company's special seals, quick and easy to install, can effectively prevent the inflow of sediment downstream, to prevent pipe blockage.
▼ socket structure can be manifold with any material, pipes of different diameters connected. It can be customized according to user needs.
▼ wellbore wall in different directions any openings, with my company's saddle joint, convenient access to different directions manifold.
▼ mold has over twenty years of research and development, production experience, extensive mold types, according to different requirements, customized different size, grade products. Customizable currently the largest caliber municipal wells.
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